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Sound Equipment

Artist Essentials

15-Week Course

With National Accreditation

Focused Learning in:

Studio Recording
Music Production
Audio Engineering

This Nationally Accredited-Course is a mix of Private Lessons, Specialized Lab Assignments, Creative Projects, with Hands-On, Resume-Building Professional Project Experience. 


Our Method

The Factory Underground Method combines private lessons taught in a professional recording studio with intensive hands-on training in commercial project experiences. You will gain a thorough knowledge of the fundamentals in Studio Recording, Music Production and Sound Engineering, while developing real-world credits and assets that can be used to showcase your skills and add to your resume.


The Artist Essentials Course also includes various electives including Songwriting, Beatmaking, Vocal Production, Mixing, Mastering, Videography, Web Design, Social Media and even Music Business Marketing


This course also includes access to our custom Student Labs where weekly assignments and learning tutorials may be completed. Our students also meet weekly to develop their own creative projects. 

Image by James Kovin
Microphone Sound Editing

Course Curriculum

3 Hours of Private Lessons Per Week, covering:

  • Fundamentals of Sound Engineering and Music Production

  • Recording in a Digital Work Station such as Apple Logic Pro X or Avid Pro Tools

  • Microphones, Pre-Amps, and Signal Flow

  • Cabling and Patching

  • Musicality and Ear Training 

  • Equalization and Frequency Recognition

  • Use of Analog and Digital Audio Plug-Ins such as Compression, Gates and Pitch Correction/Tuning

  • Use of Time-based Effects such as Digital Reverb and Delay

  • Project Mixing and File Management

  • Supervised Creative Projects, with aspects of Songwriting, Beatmaking, Vocal Production and more.

  • Hands-on Training while Assisting with Professional Recording and Videography Sessions

6 Hours of Lab Time Per Week, working in:


  • Factory Underground Tech's Custom Work Stations with:

  • Access to our In-house library of plug-ins, sound library and learning tutorials.

  • Our students may use the Work Stations to complete required assignments, as well as to develop their own creative projects.


Factory Underground Tech is a Private Post Secondary Accredited School (NPASG) and to receive official Factory Underground Tech accreditation students need to complete 20 credits. 


15 Week Accreditation Program (Private): $9,500

15 Week Accreditation Program (Pods): $6,500

 Mentorship Program (12hrs): $1200

Private Lessons: $125/hr

Student Testimonial 

Some of our Recent Graduates

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