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Introducing Our NEW Group Classes, Starting in January

Get in the studio with industry experts!

Classes run Jan 22, 2024 - May 11, 2024
(15 weeks)

Gain real world experience through immersive, hands-on studio training! No prior knowledge required. All courses are taught by industry professionals. Day and evening options available.


Choose between our accredited group courses—or register for both!

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Artist Production and Engineering (APE 101)

APE101 aims to introduce our students to the world as young professional artists, producers and engineers.  This course covers the basic functions of a digital audio workstation as well as basic song form, arrangement, engineering, production, music business and branding.

Content Creation is an essential part of any modern business.  Whether you’re running a bakery or stepping out into the world of music, you need a way to promote yourself.  This course will give students the tools necessary to become skilled and profi-cient content creators.

Content Creation Essentials
(CCE 101)


Factory Underground Tech certificate courses are for the student who is serious and committed to gaining the essential skills, credits and resume points needed to enter the professional entertainment industry.


Factory Underground Tech

Students in our programs have access seven days a week to Factory Underground Tech's campus, centrally located in the arts and cultural district of downtown Norwalk, CT, inside of a professional, state-of-the-art audio and video production facility. Courses are taught by leading experts in the audio engineering and music production industry, all of whom are working professionals. Students gain real world experience as well as production credits.


Factory Underground Tech is a nationally accredited school for music and film technology.

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