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The Factory Underground method combines creative and tech learning via practical and hands-on training. We believe the best way to learn and further your career is through developing real world credits and assets that can be used to showcase your skills and add to your resume.


Kenny Cash

School Director & Instructor

Meet FU Tech director and instructor Kenny Cash. Kenny teaches our audio production courses, and has produced bands such as Martin Barre, Rakim, Goose, Mandy Harvey and Similar Kind.


Ethan Isaac
School Director & Instructor

Meet FU Tech director and instructor Ethan Isaac. Ethan teaches our vocal production courses, and has worked with Edisun, Armed Forces Entertainment, SIR Studios and  Ranch Studios.


Tom Stewart

Audio Instructor

Meet FU Tech instructor Tom Stewart. Tom teaches our Music Composition and Programming course, and has worked with artists ranging from José Feliciano to Brian McKnight to Mandy Harvey to Goose.

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Sophie Kyle Collins
Vocal Instructor

Meet FU Tech instructor Sophie Kyle Collins. Sophie teaches vocal lessons for children (and a few grown-ups). 

Elaine Teaching2-1.jpg

Elaine Rojas
Piano Instructor

Meet FU Tech instructor Elaine Rojas. Elaine teaches our Piano and Songwriting courses.


Guzman Gonzalez

Video & Graphics Instructor

Meet FU Tech instructor Guzman Gonzalez. Guzman teaches our Video Production courses, and has worked with clients such as Sirius XM, José Feliciano and Broadway Cares.


Billy Gardella
Audio Instructor

Meet FU Tech instructor Billy Gardella. Billy teaches our Audio Engineering courses and has worked with clientele such as Rakim, Tsu Surf, Chino XL, Justin Long, Martin Barre, Sid Wilson, Poppa Chubby, Che-Val, Edisun and Davina and the Vagabonds.

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Ben McNamara
Audio Instructor

Meet FU Tech instructor Ben McNamara. Ben teaches our Audio Engineering courses. Ben has a Bachelors of Science degree in Audio Engineering from Belmont University. He currently plays in and manages the band Similar Kind


Marc Alan

Music Business Instructor

Meet FU Tech instructor Marc Alan. Marc teaches our Music and Business Marketing courses, and has worked with José Feliciano, Martin Barre and Christina Aguilera.


Mike Cusanelli
Music Business Instructor

Meet FU Tech Instructor Mike Cusanelli. Mike has worked in every facet of the music industry over the last 30 plus years, including positions at Putumayo World Music and Alliance Entertainment in Coral Springs Florida, where he served as Director of Independent Sales and Marketing. Mike is now currently residing as General Manager and Executive VP of Sales and Marketing at The SRG/ILS Group based in Norwalk, CT.


John Shyloski
Mixing & Mastering Instructor

Meet FU Tech Mixing & Mastering Instructor John Shyloski. John is a 2 times Grammy Nominee and has worked with clients such as Brian McKnight, Johnny Winter, Mandy Harvey.


Amy Holomakoff

Head of Admissions

Meet FU Tech Head of Admissions Amy Holomakoff. Amy has worked with clientele such as Justin Long, Reneé Elise Goldsberry, Joe Pantoliano, Netflix, Dreamworks, Disney Jr., Cartoon Network, and José Feliciano.

Matt Zako Photos-3.jpg

Matt Zako
Radio & Podcast Instructor

Matt Zako is a voice over actor, as well as an on camera actor. He is a podcast host for his show "The City's Backyard" and radio personality. Matt is a graduate of Syracuse Newhouse School of Communications and has been using his voice since college, working at the local radio stations throughout New York and Connecticut. Some of Matt's clients include: ESPN; Volkswagen, and Sundance/AMC.

Cliffs Shoot-13.jpg

Clifford Smith
Luthier Instructor

Clifford Smith has been building, modifying, and repairing guitars (acoustic & electric), basses, lap steels, mandolins, banjos, cuatros, ouds, shahi baajas, and hindustani slide guitars for eleven years. Clifford is a graduate of Roberto Venn School of Luthery in Phoenix, AZ, and worked for both Paul Reed Smith Guitars and Sam Ash Music. Notable clients include Jose Feliciano, Rex Fowler (Aztec Two Step), Martin Barre (Jethro Tull), Dodi Petit (Enchanted Forest & The Untouchable), Michael Carlotto, and Charley Drayton (Keith Richards, Neil Young, Bob Dylan)


Jeff Willett
Teacher's Assistant

Meet Jeff Willett. Jeff is a former Factory Underground Tech Audio Engineering graduate that currently assists in student lessons and labs.

While versatility is his stylistic priority, Jeff loves melding modern electronic sound with the grit and authenticity of hip hop, soul, and Jazz.

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