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Factory Underground Tech: Customers Testimonials

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

At Factory Underground Tech, our passion for teaching is the driving force behind everything we do. Whether you are preparing for college or a career in music recording and production, we tailor our courses to meet your needs. Read below for customer testimonials from three of our recent students.

“I was making music for about a year and half before doing sessions at Factory Underground and since then I’ve not only been able to learn more about music production but also mixing & mastering, working with vocals and more. Overall in music there’s so much to learn and from these sessions I got a lot closer to where I want to be musically.” Dominic Romeo

“I wanted to learn music production and audio engineering, but I got additional experience in video production, web design, and even music business. I had great teachers at FU Tech. “ Alexandra Slogoff

“The Factory Underground Tech staff really helped me prepare for college, and start working on my career in music at the same time. I'm now at Belmont University in Nashville, special thanks to Factory Underground.” Ben Mcnamara

Factory Underground Tech is now enrolling for the current and Spring semester 2021. Please visit our site for the latest information about our curriculum. CLICK HERE

Have you seen our latest QUICK TIP video on YouTube? We will be posting these short tutorial videos regularly, so be sure to subscribe to our channel to catch them all!

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