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Faculty Project: White Rabbit Produced by Kenny Cash

Factory Underground Tech Faculty Instructor Kenny Cash is a producer with a unique blend of technical skill and creative imagination, as evident in his recent production of "White Rabbit." The song, by rock band The Simple Radicals, featuring Che-Val (a group Kenny is in with his wife Laura Cash), is a cover of the classic original by Jefferson Airplane. The cover song was tracked, and edited by Cash, featuring musical parts by the members of The Simple Radicals, vocals by Laura Cash, and mixed by Earl Cohen who is known for his work with Lady Gaga, Pink, Whitney Houston, Tina Turner, Kelly Rowland, Usher, Destiny’s Child and many more.

According to Cash, "John (The Simple Radicals) originally reached out to me about doing a modern "hip hop," version of "White Rabbit," that would include a feature from a hip hop artist, so I started mocking up version of the song to see what directions we could take it. I also had Laura (Che-Val) lay down a scratch vocal that I could quickly manipulate to see how the melody would feel at different tempos. I had done 2 different versions and then I was like let me try to slow it down. It instantly gave me a real moody feeling and a more cinematic vibe. It started becoming visual and I think because the song is based off of Alice in Wonderland...I was hoping we would go that direction," said Cash

"I showed the guys from The Simple Radical, Laura from Che-Val, and my engineers at The Factory Underground the 3 different versions I had mocked up. Everyone chose the [the current version]. I said, "Great the only issue is it's going to be hard to find the right rapper to spit over this track." We [ultimately] decided to just keep it Laura and the guys. After we finished recording and producing the whole thing I told John that I had the guy to mix it. I called Earl Cohen and the rest is history," said Cash.

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