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Learn how to use Analog EQ's | Bertom EQ Curve Analyzer Review

Record Producer and Factory Underground Tech Instructor Kenny Cash gives a "Quick Tip Tutorial" on Bertom Audio EQ Curve Analyzer, and how beginner engineers/producers can use this tool to aid in learning analog gear.

FACTORY UNDERGROUND TECH: Nationally-accredited Secondary and Post-Secondary School of Music, Audio and Film Production. Our students gain hands-on experience with real world production credits, learning in a professional recording and film studio environment. Located in the Wall Street neighborhood of Downtown Norwalk, CT.

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Norwalk, CT 06850

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1 Comment

Alexander Smith
Alexander Smith
Jul 02, 2023

Hi. I would like to note that you managed to make cool videos. Which video application do you use? I am also a musician and I want to practice what I love and know how to do the most. But I don't quite understand how everything works technically. I want to try to record my lessons using, what do you say about this software? Have you dealt with him before?

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