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Logic Pro X Tutorial - Beginners Lesson in Tempo and Time Signature (FU Quick Tips)

Factory Underground Tech Instructor Dan Walters gives beginners in music recording an easy to understand lesson in musical time signatures, including 4/4 (Common Time), 6/8, and 3/4, well as how to adjust the tempo with a session of Logic Pro X. This is helpful in linking up tempo and time signatures of various plug-ins, as well as using markers with your Logic Pro X session.

Editors note: the basics of this lesson will apply to working with any DAW (digital audio workstation), drum machine, or beat making tool (including a real drummer)!

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This video is created, and made available, Factory Underground Tech, a nationally accredited secondary school of higher learning that offers degree programs in music recording, film and music production, and audio engineering. We are located in downtown Norwalk, CT.

FU Tech offers additional courses and electives in Apple Logic Pro X, Avid Pro Tools, Avid Premiere (video editing and music for film), voiceover production, ADR using Source Connect, beat making, vocal production, advanced vocal editing including tuning, layering, etc, songwriting, recording for bands, instrumental performers, and soloists, instrument performance and technology, and music business for beginners.

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