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Logic Pro X Tutorial - Drum Mixing Automation (Factory Underground TECH Quick Tip Video)

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

Factory Underground Tech Instructor Tom Stewart gives viewers a "Quick Tip" lesson in Drum Mixing Automation using Apple Logic Pro X.

This technique is specifically to achieve a professional and clean mix of your drums by having the computer automatically perform tasks over time, including moving knobs, faders and switches for you. This can be of assistance with volume rides on individual instrument tracks such as snare, toms, etc, and changing plug-ins for EQ (equalization) and effects in real time. This way, sophisticated changes can be "dialed in" as you go through your mix, and the program remembers everything you've done.

One of the most popular uses of automation in mixing is to adjust the volume of a track. For example, it allows you to bring a drum fill to the forefront for a moment and fade it back out at the end of the fill. With this method of mixing, you can create a sonic space and time for each instrument to shine through the mix.

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This video is created, and made available, Factory Underground Tech, a nationally accredited secondary school of higher learning that offers degree programs in music recording, film and music production, and audio engineering. We are located in downtown Norwalk, CT.

Factory Underground TECH offers additional courses and electives in Apple Logic Pro X, Avid Pro Tools, Avid Premiere (video editing and music for film), voiceover production, ADR using Source Connect, beat making, vocal production, advanced vocal editing including tuning, layering, etc, songwriting, recording for bands, instrumental performers, and soloists, instrument performance and technology, and music business for beginners.

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