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Artist Essentials

Accredited Curriculum Based Programs

Our nationally accredited 15-week course combines elements of music production, studio recording, and sound engineering. The course has been designed for those desiring a career as a music producer, recording engineer or songwriter/music artist. The course includes 3 hours of private instruction per week and access to our custom student labs to complete required assignments and even work on your own music. Our students gain actual production credits with hands-on project experience working in a professional recording studio, gaining knowledge and practical skill in advanced recording techniques.

Artist/Producer/Engineer Essentials (APE 101)

Content Creation Essentials (CCE 101)

Audio Engineering Essentials (AEE 201)

Professional/Live Sound (PRO 201)

Student Mentorship Programs

At factory Underground we know that some students may just be looking for help and guidance in very specific areas of the scientific arts.  To better suit your needs Factory Underground Tech offers private mentorship programs that can streamline the specific areas you would like to learn. Please check out below some of the topics that we cover with our students:

Vocal Production

Instrumental Production 





Ear Training

Electronic Production

Music Business



Video Editing

Private Lessons
Private Lessons

We now offer private lessons in Piano, Vocal, Guitar and Drums. These lessons are taught by teachers who are both professional educators and musicians, and our courses are taught in a professional recording studio environment. We work with beginners through advanced students, covering all aspects of music theory, instrumental technique, practical performance, and even music production. 

College Audition Preparation 

At Factory Underground Tech, we specialize in Audition Preparation for High School students preparing to attend music-based colleges and academies. Many of our students have gone on to attend elite music colleges such as Berklee College of Music and Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music at New York University with performance-based scholarships. 

College Prep

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