Factory Underground Tech

Nationally Accredited Academy for Music Production, Studio Recording, and Film/Video Production, Located in Norwalk, CT.

We prepare our students for a variety of careers in music recording, producing, engineering, songwriting, and media/film/video production. We also specialize in college audition preparation, for those planning to pursue an Associate or Bachelor Degree program. 

Our courses combine private lessons in a professional recording studio, with custom
lab projects with professional, hands-on experiences that allow our students to build
their resume in real time while they learn. 

Call us at (203) 275-8672 

for more information or to schedule a studio tour!

We give students the opportunity to develop broadcast skills, live show production as well as market/promote the projects that they have created at Factory Underground Tech. We find the Radio Station to be a great way for students to build community

surrounding the arts.

Check out some of our FREE LABS that we offer our students, with information you can apply to your own music recording projects! 

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Our courses are available on a rolling admission, with flexible and competitive pricing.

We offer courses of different lengths, starting at 4 weeks, and including our flagship Nationally Accredited 20 week-Artist Essentials Course, with private lessons available.


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Our staff of educators include professional musicians, producers, engineers and

music industry veterans.


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Did you know that Factory Underground Tech has it's own

Student-Curated Radio Station? 

LISTEN TO FUTR: Factory Underground Tech Radio