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Nationally Accredited School for Music Production, Studio Recording, and Film/Video Production, Located in Norwalk, CT.

Our mission is to help aspiring professionals prepare for entry-level positions in the audio and video production arts, through a nationally-accredited curriculum delivered in a professional recording studio environment.

Factory Underground Tech students can earn an Accredited Diploma in Audio and Video Production in under 12 months, with a strong emphasis on career development and job placement.

Our curriculum combines private lessons taught in a professional recording studio, with custom hands-on project experiences. You will learn using state of the art recording equipment, including the latest software, and plug-ins. Our students are also given the unique opportunity to gain actual production credits while they are in school, building their resume in real-time. 

We also offer a specialized Mentorship Program that is customizable, allowing you to learn at your own pace, while focusing on your own music project as part of the course. This is perfect for aspiring songwriters, vocalists, and musicians who want a fast track into the world of professional recording! 



Would you like to take a Personal Tour of our Recording Studios and Soundstage?


There is a LOT to see in our 15,000 sq. ft. Production Facility in downtown Norwalk, CT.


Enjoy a free consultation to discuss your career goals and how we can help you make

your dreams into reality!

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