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Factory Underground Tech Graduate Lands Berklee College of Music Scholarship

Updated: Aug 2, 2021

Meet singer-songwriter and Factory Underground Tech graduate Victoria Fox, who has gone on to achieve a scholarship to Berklee College of Music, since completing our program.

At Factory Underground Tech we specialize in music and performing arts college preparation, with a proven and documented track record.

Our nationally accredited, 20 week-course in music production and sound recording, may be combined with electives in vocal performance, vocal production, songwriting, and even music business. All of our courses are taught in a professional recording studio environment, and combine hands-on, project experience with one-on-one private lessons. Our students also have access to our custom recording labs, where they complete assignments (in our studio or at home), and they may work on their own music as well.

Call (203) 275-8672 to discuss our courses and sign up to take a tour of our studio and teaching facility in downtown Norwalk, CT.

Visit us on the web at

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