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Factory Underground Tech Instructor's Animation Project Selected for Kapow Intergalactic Film Fest

Factory Underground Tech Instructor Kenny Cash's unique project "iLL Opera" has been selected for the Kapow Intergalactic Film Festival, being shown on Saturday, February 19, 2021. The next-level animated "cyber punk rock opera," with an all-original libretto and music score composed, produced, and recorded by Cash, and special guests, represents the type of cutting edge project Factory Underground Tech students are exposed during the school year.

Animation for the project was done by Factory Underground Tech's own Guzman Gonzalez, who teaches visual design, web design, and other graphic arts. 'ILL Opera" is Gonalez's first animated project, and his first creative collaboration with Cash. The two plan to continue developing the work with additional story lines, that will feature special guest musical performers voicing new characters to come.

For more information about the festival CLICK HERE for the Kapow Intergalactic Festival Website

To learn more about Kenny Cash's other production projects: CLICK HERE For Kenny Cash's Website


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