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Logic Pro X Tutorial - Session File Organization (FU Tech Quick Tip)

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

Now Playing on YouTube, the first in a series of Quick Tip Videos being created by Factory Underground Tech faculty instructors. This video features a lesson taught by Dan Walters, offering beginners in music recording a lesson in how to create, save, name, and organize session files in Logic Pro X.

Future videos in the series will offer "Quick Tips" in music recording, music production, working in a Digital Audio Workstation environment, working with plug ins, tips in advanced mixing, mastering, recording vocals, layering and tuning vocals, drum replacement and much more. Look for other "Quick Tips" related to our other courses including video production, video editing using programs like Adobe Premiere, web design and graphic arts. There will even be "Quick Tip" videos in songwriting, music business and digital marketing.

Factory Underground TECH is a state of the art, nationally accredited secondary institute of higher learning in music recording, music production, audio engineering, film and video technology. video editing, with a broad, diverse and detailed curriculum. Our students gain resume building, hands on project experience, working in professional, modern recording studios, along side award winning, professional, audio engineers, producers, and music industry veterans. Now Enrolling.


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